Tashkent Grand Prix 2015 - Uzbekistan DAY 3

09.10.2015  10:19

The Tashkent Grand Prix 2015, the first IJF World Judo Tour event since August’s World Championships, concluded on Saturday as South Korea and Japan were again on song at the Uzbekistan Sport Majmuasi.  



Uzbekistan’s third edition of the Tashkent Grand Prix was as successful as it was gripping as the sport continues to surge in popularity in the Asian country.  


The animated crowd saw the women’s -78kg and +78kg categories and the men’s -90kg, -100kg and +100kg categories compete for the remaining five Grand titles on day three.  


Japan finished top of the medal table with four gold medals ahead of South Korea who topped the podium on three occasions while the remaining seven gold medals were won by seven different countries to illustrate the quality across the board on the IJF World Judo Tour.  


Judo’s elite will now descend on France for the Paris Grand Slam, one of the most spectacular and well attended events in the sport, which takes centre stage from 17-18 October. Judo fans around the world will be able to watch all the action from France’s annual signature event live and free at www.ippon.tv.   



-78kg: Polished POWELL powers to pole position       

World Judo Masters silver medallist Natalie POWELL (GBR) won her second Grand Prix gold medal to solidify her place in the world’s top eight with a come-from-behind victory over Madeleine MALONGA (FRA). Wales’ Commonwealth Games winner POWELL won her 13th Grand Prix medal as 21-year-old Frenchwoman was beaten for the first time in Tashkent in the -78kg final. POWELL made a bright start as she shook her opponent after just 10 seconds with an ashi-waza attack. However, it was MALONGA who scored first with a ko-uchi and ouchi combination for waza-ari. POWELL fought back and restored parity with a waza-ari of her own before wrapping up a superb turnaround by holding down her opponent for 15 seconds and the gold medal.     



In the first semi-final POWELL (GBR) required added time to see off former Tbilisi Grand Prix winner Assunta GALEONE (ITA). A yuko each was the score after four minutes and British judoka POWELL sealed her place in the final 50 seconds later with a yuko effort. In the second semi-final 2013 world champion SOL Kyong (PRK) came undone against MALONGA (FRA) who produced a waza-ari from a ko-uchi-gari after 20 seconds and held firm to protect her advantage and secure one of the biggest scalps of her career.  


The first bronze medal was won by SOL (PRK) who snatched the spoils in the last five seconds when she launched Minsk European Open winner Maike ZIECH (GER) to redeem herself after her her semi-final blip. The score was tied until that point and with ZIECH contemplating the likelihood of golden score her opponent went all out and found a perfect route to the podium. The second bronze medal contest was won by Olympic silver medallist Gemma GIBBONS (GBR) who became the second British judoka to defeat GALEONE (ITA) in Tashkent. GIBBONS took GALEONE down - just as the Italian was in the process of launching at attack - for a waza-ari before holding her down with tate-shiho-gatame for 15 seconds and the final place on the -78kg medal podium.              


MALONGA, Madeleine (FRA) vs POWELL, Natalie (GBR)                                                                                                                                                                          

Bronze Medal Fights

ZIECH, Maike (GER) vs SOL, Kyong (PRK)                      
GIBBONS, Gemma (GBR) vs GALEONE, Assunta (ITA)                        



Final Results

1. POWELL, Natalie (GBR)                                                            
2. MALONGA, Madeleine (FRA)                              
3. GIBBONS, Gemma (GBR)                          
3. SOL, Kyong (PRK)                        
5. GALEONE, Assunta (ITA)                                               
5. ZIECH, Maike (GER)   
7. TORT MERINO, Marta (ESP)                          
7. RAMIREZ, Yahima (POR)                                                                                                             


+78kg: South Korean’s KIM dominates China’s powerhouses for gold  

World number 13 KIM Minjeong (KOR) won the women’s heavyweight gold medal in Tashkent and beat both of China’s leading heavyweights en route to gold. KIM controlled the final against MA Sisi (CHN) and despite being unable to score the South Korean standout was more positive as she was willing to engage and test the resistance of her opponent. MA was penalised twice and that was the only involvement from the referee as KIM was awarded the contest and hoisted her coach into the air after leaving the tatami. 



In the first semi-final world champion and world number one YU Song (CHN) lost out to KIM (KOR) on a single shido after both judoka scored a yuko in regular time. In the second semi-final MA (CHN) downed Zagreb Grand Prix bronze medallist Jasmin KUELBS (GER) by ippon and two and a half minutes of action.


The first bronze medal was won by Budapest Grand Prix winner Kayra SAYIT (TUR) who turned in to attack with such force that KUELBS (GER) was sent off balance and over for ippon with 70 seconds left. The bold performance secured Turkey’s second medal in Tashkent following the day two success of -63kg bronze medallist Busra KATIPOGLU. The second bronze medal was won by YU (CHN) who atoned for her premature challenge for a higher place on the podium. The beaten semi-finalist regained her composure to defeat Baku Grand Slam runner-up Santa PAKENYTE (LTU) by ippon. 



MA, Sisi (CHN) vs KIM, Minjeong (KOR)                                                                                                         


Bronze Medal Fights
KUELBS, Jasmin (GER) vs SAYIT, Kayra (TUR)                        
YU, Song (CHN) vs PAKENYTE, Santa (LTU)                                                                                                   



Final Results

1. KIM, Minjeong (KOR)                        
2. MA, Sisi (CHN)                           
3. SAYIT, Kayra (TUR)                                                                               
3. YU, Song (CHN)     
5. KUELBS, Jasmin (GER)                                                  
5. PAKENYTE, Santa (LTU)             
7. CHIBISOVA, Ksenia (RUS)       
7. KAYA, Belkis Zehra (TUR)                                  


-90kg: ODENTHAL on top for Germany 

Former Paris Grand Slam bronze medallist Marc ODENTHAL (GER) defeated former Astana Grand Prix winner USTOPIRIYON Komronshokh (TJK) for top spot in the -90kg category. ODENTHAL won a first Grand Prix title by way of a yuko score after both judoka were gunning for gold. USTOPIRIYON, who won bronze here in 2013, was supported by the International Judo Federation to compete in Tashkent and showed his worth having finished fifth at the World Championships in August. 



World champion GWAK failed to reach the final block after he was stunned by Dmitri GERASIMENKO (SRB) in the quarter-final as he submitted the South Korean star with a juji-gatame.


In the first semi-final USTOPIRIYON (TJK), who was backed by the crowd all day, held down Sherali JURAEV (UZB) for 15 seconds to win by wazari-awasette-ippon while in the second semi-final ODENTHAL (GER) defeated world number 57 Dmitri GERASIMENKO (SRB) by a waza-ari.


The first bronze medal was awarded to home fighter and losing semi-finalist JURAEV (UZB) who outlasted former Zagreb Grand Prix bronze medallist Karolis BAUZA (LTU) in golden score. With no scores to show for  a lethargic five minutes, the contest required golden score with both men on the brink of disqualification with three shidos each to their name for passivity. BAUZA was penalised for the fourth and final time for a false attack to hand the medal to the Uzbek judoka. The second bronze medal went to Rome European Open bronze medallist Mihael ZGANK (SLO) who threw and then held down GERASIMENKO (SRB) for wazari-awasette-ippon Both judoka were targeting their first Grand Prix medal and that honour was claimed by the Slovenian fighter after he caught his Serbian opponent with an osoto-gari and followed up by osaekomi for 15 seconds.              



ODENTHAL, Marc (GER) vs USTOPIRIYON, Komronshokh (TJK)                                                                                                                     

Bronze Medal Fights

JURAEV, Sherali (UZB) vs BAUZA, Karolis (LTU)                          
GERASIMENKO, Dmitri (SRB) vs ZGANK, Mihael (SLO)                                                                                                                           


Final Results

1. ODENTHAL, Marc (GER)   
2. USTOPIRIYON, Komronshokh (TJK)                                                                           
3. JURAEV, Sherali (UZB)                                                
3. ZGANK, Mihael (SLO)               
5. BAUZA, Karolis (LTU)                                                   
5. GERASIMENKO, Dmitri (SRB)             
7. GWAK, Dong Han (KOR)                        
7. CIECHOMSKI, Patryk (POL)                                                                                                                        


-100kg: Japanese teen WOLF remains unbeaten on Grand Prix stage   

First time Grand Prix finalist Zlatko KUMRIC (CRO) met in-form Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix winner WOLF Aaron (JPN) in the -100kg final and it was the Japanese teenager who seized the moment. WOLF, 19, remained unbeaten on the Grand Prix stage with two gold medals from two outings as the Tokai University member pushed rank outsider KUMRIC to concede four shidos and hansoku-make.  



In the first semi-final KUMRIC (CRO) impressively tapped out 21-year-old IJF World Judo Tour debutant Niiaz BILALOV (RUS) with a juji-gatame before the Russian was horizontal on the tatami. In the second semi-final WOLF (JPN) beat Tbilisi Grand Prix bronze medallist Jevgenijs BORODAVKO (LAT) with a waza-ari from a sasae-tsurikomi-ashi and applied the osaekomi for 15 seconds for his second and match-winning waza-ari.   


The first bronze medal was won by former Baku Grand Slam bronze medallist Soyib KURBONOV (UZB) by ippon with 90 seconds left in the contest having trailed to a waza-ari against BORODAVKO (LAT) who slipped to back-to-back defeats. The second bronze medal was won by world number 76 BILALOV (RUS) who convincingly dispatched world number 86 and former Minsk European Open winner DELVERT (FRA). The Russian judoka drove his French foe over a beautiful low tai-otoshi for waza-ari before adding a yuko score and no fightback materialised from DELVERT. 



KUMRIC, Zlatko (CRO) vs WOLF, Aaron (JPN)                                                                                                                                    


Bronze Medal Fights

BORODAVKO, Jevgenijs (LAT) vs KURBONOV, Soyib (UZB)                
BILALOV, Niiaz (RUS) vs DELVERT, Clement (FRA)                                                                                               


Final Result

1. WOLF, Aaron (JPN)                         
2. KUMRIC, Zlatko (CRO)   
3. KURBONOV, Soyib (UZB)                     
3. BILALOV, Niiaz (RUS)     
5. BORODAVKO, Jevgenijs (LAT)                     
5. DELVERT, Clement (FRA)   
7. SAYIDOV, Ramziddin (UZB)                           
7. SAIDOV, Saidzhalol (TJK)                                                                                                 


+100kg: NISHIGATA adds to Japan’s gold rush        

Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix winner NISHIGATA Kenta (JPN) won his second Grand Prix title by overcoming the defending Tashkent Grand Prix winner BATTULGA Temuulen (MGL). The last fight of the year’s Tashkent Grand Prix was settled on shido penalties as the Mongolian was penalised three times while the Japanese fighter from Kokushikan was penalised once.    



In the first semi-final 2013 Tashkent Grand Prix winner Andre BREITBARTH (GER) was defeated by NISHIGATA (JPN) by a waza-ari as the latter countered a wea harai-goshi attempt. In the second semi-final BATTULGA (MGL) bested ALLERSTORFER (AUT) by holding him down with a kami-shiho-gatame for 20 seconds.


The first bronze medal went to ALLERSTORFER (AUT) who defeated 22-year-old Elyor MASHARIPOV (UZB) who could not repeat his bronze medal from last year’s event. The second bronze medal went to BREITBARTH (GER) who scored a waza-ari in the closing seconds against Asian Championships silver medallist Iurii KRAKOVETSKII (KGZ) for the final spot on the heavyweight podium.                    



BATTULGA, Temuulen (MGL) vs NISHIGATA, Kenta (JPN)                                                     


Bronze Medal Fights

ALLERSTORFER, Daniel (AUT) vs MASHARIPOV, Elyor (UZB)            
BREITBARTH, Andre (GER) vs KRAKOVETSKII, Iurii (KGZ)                                                                                                                                                       


Final Result

1. NISHIGATA, Kenta (JPN)                                                       
2. BATTULGA, Temuulen (MGL)                             
3. ALLERSTORFER, Daniel (AUT)                                                      
3. BREITBARTH, Andre (GER)                                             
5. MASHARIPOV, Elyor (UZB)                         
5. KRAKOVETSKII, Iurii (KGZ)                          
7. NAZHMUDINOV, Magomed (RUS)                 
7. SARNACKI, Maciej (POL)                                                                                        

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