Tashkent Grand Prix 2015 - Uzbekistan DAY 1

09.10.2015  10:13

The Tashkent Grand Prix 2015 got underway on Thursday with 125 judoka in action across five weight categories at the teeming Sport Majmuasi in Uzbekistan’s capital city.


The three-day Grand Prix, which is now in its third year, started with the women’s -48kg, -52kg and -57kg categories and the men’s -60kg and -66kg categories who were urged on by the capacity crowd.


Before the medal contests on the opening day, the crowd closely followed the opening ceremony which started with a traditional dance exhibition performance before the countries of the flags were presented.


The welcome speech was made by Mr. Murod ALIEV, First Vice Minister for Cultural and Sports Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.



“Dear ladies and gentleman, athletes, coaches, guests, first of all I would like to say welcome to all participants. Historically sport has been an ambassador of peace and harmony. Judo is a huge passion in our country and organising such a big event proves the wide political views of our honourable President.


“Dear athletes and coaches, I hope you can enjoy your competition at our wonderful sports complex. Thank you for this opportunity and I express my gratitude to the President of the IJF Mr. Marius VIZER and President of the Judo Union of Asia, Mr. Obaid AL-ANZI.”


The stage was set for Mr. Naser AL TAMIMI, IJF General Treasurer, to officially open the competition.



“Dear judo friends, dear participants, dear athletes, on behalf of Mr. VIZER, IJF President, I would like to thank the Olympic Committee and Ministry of Sport for supporting judo here and the Grand Prix. Good luck and thank you to the Judo Federation of Uzbekistan for the great organisation.


“I wish all the judoka a successful time and a great stay in the beautiful city of Tashkent. I declare the Tashkent Grand Prix open.”


On Friday the action in Tashkent continues on the three tatami with four weight categories competing as the women’s -63kg and -70kg judoka will be joined in action on day two by the men’s -73kg and -81kg judoka.   




-48kg: MUNKHBAT stars for Mongolia      

Former world champion and World Judo Masters winner MUNKHBAT Urantsetseg (MGL) was first to strike gold in Tashkent as she defeated JEONG Bo Kyeong (KOR) in the -48kg final. Both judoka were penalised for not taking a grip after 54 seconds and MUNKHBAT immediately responded with some intricate ne-waza work and trapped her opponent in osaekomi for 17 seconds and waza-ari. The Mongolian was penalised again for a false attack but kept her composure to capture yet another IJF podium. 



In the first semi-final MUNKHBAT (MGL) faced former teammate GALBADRAKH Otgontsetseg (KAZ). The Asian youngster competed for Kazakhstan for the first time at the World Championships in Astana and in Tashkent MUNKHBAT extended her head-to-head advantage to 2-0 on shido penalties having also won their only previous meeting at the 2013 Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix final.


In the second semi-final world bronze medallist JEONG Bo Kyeong (KOR) brought her form from Astana to Tashkent as she bested European Games bronze medallist Irina DOLGOVA (RUS) by a yuko.


The first medal contest of the Tashkent Grand Prix 2015 saw DOLGOVA (RUS) defeat fellow lightweight starlet Dilara LOKMANHEKIM (TUR) after two minutes of golden score. After a scoreless four minutes, which saw both judoka receive a shido for passivity in the last 30 seconds, DOLGOVA attacked on the ground with her usual tenacity and trapped the Turkish judoka with a sankaku-gatame for 20 seconds and -48kg bronze via ippon.        


The second bronze medal was won by GALBADRAKH (KAZ) at the expense of Shira RISHONY (ISR). The 23-year-old won her first medal for Kazakhstan when RISHONY received a second shido with just one second left for a false attack to gift the medal to the deserving judoka from the host country's neighbouring Kazakhstan.


JEONG, Bo Kyeong (KOR) vs MUNKHBAT, Urantsetseg (MGL)                                                                               

Bronze Medal Fights

DOLGOVA, Irina (RUS) vs LOKMANHEKIM, Dilara (TUR)                          
GALBADRAKH, Otgontsetseg (KAZ) vs RISHONY, Shira (ISR)                                                                                                                                                       


Final Results

1. MUNKHBAT, Urantsetseg (MGL)                              
2. JEONG, Bo Kyeong (KOR)                      
3. DOLGOVA, Irina (RUS)           
3. GALBADRAKH, Otgontsetseg (KAZ)      
5. LOKMANHEKIM, Dilara (TUR)                                                      
5. RISHONY, Shira (ISR)         
7. RUMYANTSEVA, Kristina (RUS)                         
7. KIM, Sol Mi (PRK)                                                                      


-52kg: Turkmenistan’s trailblazer Babamuratova celebrates gold   

Gulbadam BABAMURATOVA (TKM) showed that her World Championships fifth-place was a sign of things to come as she not only secured her country’s first Grand Prix gold medal but also became the first female judoka from Turkmenistan to grace an IJF podium. BABAMURATOVA dismissed surprise finalist Maria ERTL (GER) by two waza-ari with the second a robust makikomi effort to signal her country’s arrival on the Grand Prix podium.



In the first semi-final 23-year-old Budapest Grand Prix silver medallist Maria ERTL (GER) booked a place in the second Grand Prix final of her career by seeing off Tyumen Grand Slam runner-up MA Yingnan (CHN). The German judoka led after one minute by a waza-ari from a cutting piece of ashi-waza and that proved to be the only score of the contest.


In the second semi-final world bronze medallist Darya SKRYPNIK (BLR) was undone by Asian Games silver medallist Gulbadam BABAMURATOVA (TKM) who finished fifth at the World Championships. BABAMURATOVA prevailed by ippon after just 59 seconds and was assured of a place on the podium.


The first bronze medal was clinched by Olympic bronze medallist Priscilla GNETO (FRA) who stepped up her preparations for the Paris Grand Slam in two weeks’ time with a medal-winning display to bolster her world ranking. GNETO, 24, defeated SKRYPNIK (BLR) by a waza-ari from an osoto-gari and was rarely threatened by the world number 25.    


The second bronze medal was won by Gili COHEN (ISR) who saw off the challenge of beaten semi-finalist MA (CHN). COHEN pressed forward and scored a waza-ari from a ko-uchi-gari with 38 seconds left only for MA to respond by sweeping her opponent for her own waza-ari with one second left but the Chinese judoka had been penalised twice and the medal went to Israel.                          



BABAMURATOVA, Gulbadam (TKM) vs ERTL, Maria (GER)                                     


Bronze Medal Fights
SKRYPNIK, Darya (BLR) vs GNETO, Priscilla (FRA)                     
MA, Yingnan (CHN) vs COHEN, Gili (ISR)                                                                                                                                                                


Final Results

1. BABAMURATOVA, Gulbadam (TKM)                   
2. ERTL, Maria (GER)                                                                  
3. GNETO, Priscilla (FRA)                                                   
3. COHEN, Gili (ISR)                                                                                  
5. SKRYPNIK, Darya (BLR)                           
5. MA, Yingnan (CHN)     
7. GOMEZ, Laura (ESP)       
7. NAREKS, Petra (SLO)                                                                                                                 


-57kg: South Korea’s KIM shines in Tashkent  

Asian Championships bronze medallist KIM Jan-Di (KOR) chalked up the second Grand Prix win of her career by emphatically dispatching Baku Grand Slam bronze medallist Irina ZABLUDINA (RUS) in the -57kg final. 



World number 24 KIM floored ZABLUDINA with a thunderous osoto-gari for ippon after two minutes and showed her emotion as she stood on top of the podium and soaked up the South Korean anthem.  


In the first semi-final Abu Dhabi Grand Slam bronze medallist Sabrina FILZMOSER (AUT) fell to Baku Grand Slam bronze medallist Irina ZABLUDINA (RUS) by the only shido of the scoreless contest. In the second semi-final former World Judo Masters bronze medallist KIM was successful against fellow Asian Championships bronze medallist LIU Yang (CHN) by ippon after 90 seconds.


The first bronze medal was won by LIU (CHN) who edged out Budapest Grand Prix silver medallist Viola WAECHTER (GER) by a yuko which was the only score of the contest. The second bronze medal was won by Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix silver medallist Helene RECEVEAUX (FRA) with just five seconds left as world number eight FILZMOSER (AUT) received hansoku-make for a leg grab. 


KIM, Jan-Di (KOR) vs ZABLUDINA, Irina (RUS)                                                                                                                                                       
Bronze Medal Fights

LIU, Yang (CHN) vs WAECHTER, Viola (GER)              
FILZMOSER, Sabrina (AUT) vs RECEVEAUX, Helene (FRA)                            



Final Results

1. KIM, Jan-Di (KOR)            
2. ZABLUDINA, Irina (RUS)                          
3. LIU, Yang (CHN)   
3. RECEVEAUX, Helene (FRA)                              
5. WAECHTER, Viola (GER)                               
5. FILZMOSER, Sabrina (AUT)                              
7. CARMICHAEL, Hana (USA)                         
7. BLOT, Laetitia (FRA)                                                                        



-60kg: Youngster OSHIMA on top in Tashkent for Japan

Uzbekistan star Sharafuddin LUTFILLAEV (UZB) found his path to home glory blocked by Tokyo Grand Slam bronze medallist OSHIMA Yuma (JPN). LUTFILLAEV had the crowd with him but OSHIMA was unfazed and executed a beautiful turnover to trap the Uzbek fighter in osaekomi for ippon.  



In the first semi-final Budapest Grand Prix bronze medallist and top seed Sharafuddin LUTFILLAEV (UZB) downed Otar BESTAEV (KGZ) with an uchi-mata earning a waza-ari with just six seconds left which brought the crowd to their feet. In the second semi-final OSHIMA (JPN) was too strong for Bekir OZLU (TUR) who was subdued in osaekomi as he elected to tap out due to the pressure applied by the young Japanese fighter. 


The first bronze medal was claimed by 2014 Tashkent Grand Prix runner-up Diyorbek UROZBOEV (UZB) as beaten semi-finalist OZLU (TUR) could not compete due to injury and had to settle for a respectable fifth-place finish. The second bronze medal went to Asian Championships bronze medallist BESTAEV (KGZ) who won his first medal at this level against 20-year-old IJF World Judo Tour debutant AN Jae Yong (PRK). The latter was penalised for going out of the area in the scoreless contest and that proved to be the decisive moment.                     


OSHIMA, Yuma (JPN) vs LUTFILLAEV, Sharafuddin (UZB)                                                                                 

Bronze Medal Fights

OZLU, Bekir (TUR) vs UROZBOEV, Diyorbek (UZB)                        
BESTAEV, Otar (KGZ) vs AN, Jae Yong (PRK)                                                                     



Final Results

1. OSHIMA, Yuma (JPN)                                          
2. LUTFILLAEV, Sharafuddin (UZB)                                       
3. UROZBOEV, Diyorbek (UZB)                               
3. BESTAEV, Otar (KGZ)  
5. OZLU, Bekir (TUR)  
5. AN, Jae Yong (PRK)                                                                             
7. KABA, Ahmet Sahin (TUR)                     
7. DASHDAVAA, Amartuvshin (MGL)                                                                                         


-66kg: Japanese teen ABE aces Tashkent test     

Teenage prodigy ABE Hifumi (JPN) gave another mesmerising showcase on the World Judo Tour as he beat Qingdao Grand Prix bronze medallist MA Duanbin (CHN) by ippon in the -66kg final in just 36 seconds courtesy of an osoto-gari. The 18-year-old won all five fights by ippon and did not give up a single score as he continues to raise his performance level with every outing and has judo fans and the media in awe over his incredible potential.



In the first semi-final MA defeated top seed Dzmitry SHERSHAN (BLR) in osaekomi as the latter submitted while in the second semi-final ABE overwhelmed DOVDON by scoring a yuko, waza-ari, yuko and then ippon at the halfway point.


The first bronze medal was won by DOVDON Altansukh (MGL) who sent Vazha MARGVELASHVILI (GEO) over with a sumi-gaeshi for ippon after two minutes to win his country’s second medal on day one in Uzbekistan. The second bronze medal went to world number six SHERSHAN (BLR) who salvaged a place on the podium despite his semi-final humbling as he held down world number 31 Adrian GOMBOC (SLO) for 20 seconds in his last and most rewarding contest of the day.    



MA, Duanbin (CHN) vs ABE, Hifumi (JPN)       


Bronze Medal Fights

MARGVELASHVILI, Vazha (GEO) vs DOVDON, Altansukh (MGL)                          
SHERSHAN, Dzmitry (BLR) vs GOMBOC, Adrian (SLO)                                                                                                        


Final Result

1. ABE, Hifumi (JPN)                                                               
2. MA, Duanbin (CHN)  
3. DOVDON, Altansukh (MGL)                                                      
3. SHERSHAN, Dzmitry (BLR)                                
5. MARGVELASHVILI, Vazha (GEO)                                
5. GOMBOC, Adrian (SLO)             
7. KARAPETIAN, Ferdinand (ARM)                      
7. MARIAC, Alexandre (FRA)                                                                                                                             

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